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28th May 2018 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the sessions?
Sessions are weekly.

How long do the sessions last?
The therapeutic hour is 50 minutes long.

How many sessions will I need?
This is completely up to you. I offer both short and long term therapy where you are free to bring the relationship to an end at time that is right for you. There is no expectation or commitment to any number of sessions.

How much do the sessions cost?
Counselling Guildford will be 55 per session.
Counselling Woking will be 50 per session.

Can I have email or telephone sessions?
I prefer to work face to face with all my clients as I believe this is fundamental to the therapeutic relationship.

Can I bring my spouse, parent or child with me?
As this is a place for you and only you to explore your issues no one else should attend these sessions with you.

How long would I wait for an appointment?
Currently I have limited slots available for Monday and Wednesday evenings in Guildford.

Are the sessions in the day or evening?
Currently only evening appointments are available however there may be daytime appointments available in due course.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have. Whether you wish to have Counselling Guildford or Counselling Woking you can contact me by either telephone or email via the links at the top of each page. If I am unable to answer immediately I will endeavor to return your call or email as soon as possible on the day.