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Do you feel anxious each morning when you're getting ready for work? Do you find yourself dreading going into the job that you once loved and thrived in? Having to face a stressful environment day in day out can really affect us more than we realise. The anxiety and worry can start to spill over into our private lives and ultimately affect our normal day to day living causing us to loose passion and drive for the things we once enjoyed. Maybe you feel challenged by the demands of your workload or that too much is simply expected of you. Whatever the root of the problem is you are probably left feeling stressed and anxious and that you are on your own and it probably seems that your colleagues and friends are able to just get to with the working day whereas you struggle to get out of bed and have lost all motivation. Feeling so isolated and alone in a situation like this can leave us in distress with overwhelming feelings of inadequacy or that we simply just aren't up to scratch.

Maybe it isn't work but your relationship that is worrying you. Have you found yourself feeling stuck and unable to connect with someone you once shared everything with. Do you find yourself holding back and loosing the closeness you once had with a loved one and you're now afraid of what the future may hold? When we are in the midst of a relationship breakdown we can be left with feelings of deep despair especially if we are doing our best but it just seems that something isn't working anymore. When we are struggling alone with something this big and fundamental in our lives we can be left feeling so isolated that it cause us to question lots of things about our very existence and we often feel that it's our fault or that somehow we are getting it wrong.

Or could it be that past experiences are causing you sleepless nights? Maybe an experience you had as child or in a previous relationship is difficult to let go of or starting to resurface again and bringing stress that is affecting your every day living and functioning. When we have things on our minds everyday it can be really difficult to concentrate and we often find we loose focus which can be exhausting.

Feeling distressed and overwhelmed with current or past situations can leave us anxious and in low moods taking all our strength and effort just to get through each day. Sometimes when we are this such despair and distress we turn to things we never normally would turn to just in order to cope with getting through the day. Sometimes we end up drinking a little too much or starting use the odd drug or prescription painkiller just to temporarily numb our feelings and quieten our thoughts. This in turn can end up making us feel ashamed and guilty because we don't want to let anyone close to us know that we are struggling cope. So ultimately we continue to try and cope even more alone. Whether your situation is one of these or something different that I haven't mentioned, my aim is to listen to your fears and worries, explore your anxieties and what it is that is keeping you awake at night.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to a warm, empathic, confidential therapeutic space, where you are free to explore the thoughts and feelings that you feel completely overwhelmed with. I won't judge you or try to change you, your beliefs or values but I will support you with changes you may want to make. I will give you the safety of place to come and talk about your problems and your fears.
Counselling, also known as talking therapy, can help when feeling overwhelmed with worry and distress, when it feels like everything is just getting too much or when it feels like it is just simply to hard to cope alone anymore.

One to one counselling can help you make sense of what is going on and it's a safe place explore your views and your experience of the world around. If you feel you would benefit from having someone to talk to and share your thoughts and feelings with then I would be happy to meet with you and talk this over further. If you want to be able to communicate with others more effectively or learn to take your space and be heard by others when you feel you have no voice, then counselling is the place for you. Take a look at my counselling and psychotherapy page for a little more info.

If you find yourself in place where you need someone to talk to, someone who will understand how it feels to be overwhelmed, sad or lonely, I can offer you the time, space and an empathic understanding of the despair you find yourself in. My practices are easily accessible in Guildford and Woking and within easy reach from wider Surrey areas.

I use the knowledge and experience I have gained from all my years of counselling in private practise, community services, prisons and treatment centers to help clients work through their issues and explore ways in which they can move forward.

Being a professional counsellor, I am able to work with you when you want to figure out ways of how to deal with the challenges in your life and provide you with a safe and secure space where you can talk, share your thoughts, feelings, life experiences. Counselling can help you explore ways to get your life back on the right track, in as many sessions as you feel necessary. You are welcome to see a little more of how I work here.

All my face to face counselling sessions are completely confidential and as a professional BACP registered counsellor, I will offer you a non-judgmental, honest and welcoming environment.

Clients aren't expected to commit or be tied into a contract as I like to encourage and support you in making your own decisions and life choices. I therefore, welcome you to download a copy of the Guidelines and Standards which are general terms in private counselling. This means I would like to offer you a set day, time and space each week so that no matter what is going on in your life you have the security this one safe and reliable space.

It takes a lot of courage to approach a counsellor and sometimes we hope for instant results because we don't feel we should be so self-indulgent so want to fix things as quickly as possible. But having counselling is not indulgent, it isn't extravagant. Having counselling is about reaching out for help at a time we feel lost and vulnerable. It's about realizing you don't want to live this way anymore and you're willing to do what it takes to get our life back on track. I therefore, encourage my clients to give the therapeutic process some time as it takes time for anyone to adjust and feel confident in the process. Miracles don’t happen in just one session but significant change, finding answers, peace and understanding can happen over a period of time. My approach also allows you the opportunity to continue with your counselling journey for as long as you wish without being pressured with a time scale. Please click FAQ's if you'd like to know a little more about what I offer.

My counselling services are conveniently located to cover a large area of Surrey in both Woking and Guildford Towns with easy access by car, bus or train.

If you now feel ready to see a counsellor in either Woking and Guildford feel free to call me on 07735602788 or send me an email via the link to book your appointment. Please click to see my times of operation.

Verified member with Psychology Today
Registered with BACP
Affiliate Practitioner at The Eaves Counselling and Psychology Practice

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