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Zoom sessions

During this difficult time in the pandemic crisis we may be feeling isolated and alone especially if we live alone, or are even in shared accommodation where everyone is isolating. While for some, not having to commute to work can be welcoming, it can be challenging for those who enjoyed being part of team or having that travel time to read, write or just gather their thoughts. This is a challenging time for parents who are having to adjust to working from home while having a family to tend to and work around. Relationships may be feeling strained as we are forced to work around each other with no space or time to ourselves and of course being unable to see and visit our families who may vulnerable can bring stress and anxiety that we once didn't have.

Although face to face therapy has fundamental value for the therapeutic relationship, I am currently offering Zoom sessions and my experience informs me that using this modern intervention can be just as powerful and meaningful to the therapeutic relationship. Please do feel free to contact me via email or telephone if you feel this is something that will work for you.

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